PPROKIT01 – PP3 with DMM101ES & Accessories


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The Power Probe Professional Electrical Test Kit provides the circuit testing ability of the Power Probe 3 combined with the diagnostic capabilities of the Power Probe Digital Multimeter.

The ProKit includes:

  • Power Probe 3
  • Probe Tip
  • Battery Clip-Set
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Two 5 Foot CAT-IV 600V test leads
  • Two Alligator Clips
  • K-Type Temperature Probe
  • Magnetic Holding Strap
  • Spare 600V 10 Amp fuse
  • Spare 600V 600 Milliamp fuse
  • Blade Probe Adapter
  • Back Probe Adapter
  • Male/Male Adapter
  • Female/Female Adapter
  • 10Ft. Lead Black
  • 10Ft. Lead Red
  • Three Standard AAA Batteries


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