PPECB – OBD-II Breakout Box


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The can bus circuit tester is applicable for 12 and 24v systems. Once plugged into the cars DLC (OBD port) will start to check the pins for any voltage present. If the voltage present the respective LED’s will illuminate. This will test the vehicle’s link connector (OBD port) for any abnormality such as shorting and reverse polarity at the pins before the diagnostic tools (scanner) is plugged into the DLC. This will prevent damage to your other diagnostic equipment. This will provide a live display of communicating signals if present (eg. communication protocols signals) on assigned pins for quick pointing of faults without having to bring out a measurement tool (digital volt ohmmeter). This will provide quick access to all 16 pin connections during repair and diagnosis of the vehicle. This will monitor the input voltage of the OBD during chip programming with low voltage alarm. This will allow for testing of individual pin voltages present.


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