PP319FTC – Power Probe 3


The Power Probe 3 is a Digital Voltmeter designed to work on 12-24 Volt sources, with the ability to apply Power and Ground. Using an Auxiliary Ground cable, the user can simultaneously supply Battery Voltage, and ground to test components or to simply test for continuity. The PP3 is protected by an 8 Amp Circuit Breaker.

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The original Power Probe 3 uses a 20ft cable which attaches to the vehicle’s battery, allowing the user to perform an electrical test anywhere in, or around the vehicle. The PP3 is a Voltmeter and Continuity Tester, with Audible & Visual indicators along with two LED headlights to light up your work area. This circuit tester also supplies Battery Voltage or Ground to activate components. This powerful time-saver tool is perfect for every level of technician.

The PP319 Kit includes:

  • Power Probe 3
  • Optional 20ft Extension Lead (with AS Kit)  for a total of 40ft. (Perfect for working on large trucks or trailers)
  • Optional Cigarette Lighter Adapter (with AS Kit)
  • Battery Clip-Set (for connecting to vehicle battery)
  • Convenient Carrying Case

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Black, Blue, Blue Flame, Camo, Carb, Fire, Green, Red


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