PP3LS01- Power Probe 3 with Lead Set


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Power Probe 3 combined with the Gold Series Lead Set makes this kit the ultimate in circuit testing diagnosis. The best sidekick to the PP3 is a kit with different connectors, adapters, and extensions. The PP3LS01 was designed to increase the usability for the Power Probe 3 while diagnosing electrical circuits.

TheĀ PP3LS01 Kit includes:

  • Power Probe 3
  • 4MM Female/Female adapter
  • 4MM Male/Male adapter
  • Small piercing probe
  • Large piercing probe
  • Cigarette lighter adapter
  • Alligator clip adapter
  • 20ft extension
  • Battery clipset
  • Probe Tip
  • 1ft Lead
  • 3ft Lead
  • 6ft Lead


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